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Tifblue Blueberry

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    Tifblue is an older rabbiteye (Vaccinium ashei) variety shrub released from the University of Georgia that has been widely planted in southeastern Georgia and to a lesser extent in northern Florida. They have performed very well in north Florida and in the panhandle. Plants are vigorous, upright and productive. The bloom later than the early - season rabbiteue, the flowers and young fruit are much less susceptible to late winter freezes. It has serious problems with fruit cracking during wet weather.

    It is a midseason blueberry that must be exposed to 550 to 650 hours of temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure fruit set. Growing these blueberries successfully in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 9 or 10 may be a challenge. Determine which zone you live in and whether or not the four-week chilling requirement can be met before going to the trouble of planting these shrubs.

    Chill Hours 550-660, USDA Plant zones 8b-9a

    Available for pickup from the farm 1-gallon and 3-gallon. Please call for prices and availability.