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Stuart Pecan

Stuart Pecan - Stuart Pecan
Stuart Pecan - Stuart Pecan
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    Stuart is the most widely planted of all pecan varieties.

    Nuts of the Stuart are medium sized, with a thicker shell than some of the other papershell pecan varieties

    It has large size (45-50/lb), good quality and medium cracking ability.

    The trees are strong and upright, requiring less training and pruning compared to other cultivars. Stuart Pecan trees are a late-season pollinator, which is recommended to be planted with an early season pollinator. Also, the Stuart pecan growing range can reach a little more northern than most other papershell pecan varieties.

    Nuts ripens in early-mid October

    Desirable is a good pollinizer.

    Grows in zones: 6 - 9

    Type II

    Available at farm for pickup container grown 5-gallon, 15-gallon and 30-gallon container.

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