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Desirable Pecan

Desirable Pecan - Desirable Pecan
Desirable Pecan - Desirable Pecan
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    Desirable has large (45-50/lb) nuts, with excellent quality and a thin, easy-to-crack shell.

    The Desirable Pecan tree is a very large papershell nut when grown under maximum climate and fertilization conditions, and the pecan kernel is loaded with a nutty flavor that is crunchy to the taste.

    'Desirable' is susceptible to scab and other leaf diseases, and should only be grown in Florida under a strict fungicide spray program.

    Desirable Pecan Trees produce early in the season, and the shell is medium to soft, and the tree is self fertile. 

    Nuts ripens in early-mid October.

    Stuart is a good pollinizer.

    Grows in plant zones 6-9

    Type I

    Available at farm for pickup 3yr old 5 gallon container grown. 15-gallon, and 30-gallon.

    Please call for prices and availability.