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Kiowa Pecans

Kiowa Pecans - Kiowa Pecans
Kiowa Pecans - Kiowa Pecans
Item #: Kiowa Pecans
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    'Kiowa' trees are slow growing and the wood is brittle, like many of the cultivars with Indian names.

    The shell markings and large size of Kiowa pecans make this a very attractive nut. These large pecans closely resemble Desirable pecans except for their thinner shell. The Kiowa tree is vigorous and yields 40-50 nuts per pound.

    The Kiowa tree is a Type-2 pollinator and should be pollinated with Type-One pollinators.

    The nut is slightly larger (10 g, 45 nuts per pound) and kernels are darker than 'Desirable'. Percentage kernel is about 55% and quality is good. Susceptibility to scab and other leaf diseases is average and a fungicide spray program is required. A strict spray schedule and good weather are prerequisites for successful culture in Florida.

    It is hardy in Zones 7-10 and can be planted in full sun or partial shade with deep, moist, well-drained soil.

    Hardy to -20°F

    Size Shipped 1 year old 12-24" container grown - $34.95

    Spring trees are shipped bareroot without soil or a container.

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    Available at farm for pickup container grown 3yr old 5 gallon container

    15-gallon and 30-gallon. Please call for prices and availability.