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Cape Fear Pecans

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    Cape Fear' Pecan tree originated in North Carolina. It is protandrous (Type 1) and typically starts bearing at a young age. It is a strong tree with a deep taproot.

    Pollen shedding in 'Cape Fear' is very early.

    'Cape Fear' has been a consistent producer at the North Florida Research Center in Monticello. Nut weight is typically 7.5 to 8.2 g (58 nuts per pound) with a 55% kernel.

    'Elliott' or 'Stuart' are fair pollinizers for 'Cape Fear' and vice versa. 'Cape Fear' trees are vigorous and upright with an opened growth habit.

    Grows in zones: 6 - 9

    Nuts ripens in mid October.

    Type I

    Size Shipped 1 year old 12-24" container grown - $34.95
    Spring trees are shipped bareroot without soil or a container.

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    Available at farm for pickup 3yr old 5 gallon container

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