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Thanksgiving Pear

Item #: Thanksgiving Pear
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    Hardy sand pear that ripens in late fall and holds on the tree until Thanksgiving! Found at an old homestead along the Alapaha River in Georgia. Disease resistant. Traditional pear shape Fruit is excellent for deer and wildlife, and will bring them in throughout the hunting season. Hardy in Zones 5-9.

    Tree Form: Central Leader

    Height: 20'-30'

    Spread: 10'-20'
    Fruit: Yellow/russet (when ripe) ripens Oct-Dec
    Wildlife: One of very best trees for deer and wildlife.
    Pollination: Self Fertile
    Light requirements: Full sun
    Soil type: Adapted to upland, wet if only seasonal and well drained or sandy clay or loam; Ph 6.0-7.0
    Pruning: Pear trees should be pruned annually in the winter when they are dormant. See Pruning section under "How to plant and grow"

    Maintenance: Easy
    Hardiness Zone: 5-9

    Available at farm for pickup: 3-gallon. Please call for prices and availability.