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Native White Fringetree

Native White Fringetree - Native Fringe Tree
Native White Fringetree - Native Fringe Tree
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    Often called "Grancy Graybeard" or "Old Man's Beard" for its very unique white, clustered blossoms that bloom later in spring. This slow-growing understory small tree of pine-oak forests has deciduous dark green foliage and grows throughout the south. The fruit is valuable as a wildlife food for birds, quail, turkey and mammals. The bark has medicinal use as a diuretic and fever remedy.


    Tree Form: Multi-trunk
    Height: 10-20' 
    Spread: 5-10'
    Blooms: White clusters with pleasant fragrance
    Fruit: Dark purple 1" fruits with large seed, good for wildlife
    Light requirements: Open to partial shade 

    Pruning: Consists of the removal of dead, diseased, or damaged branches, maintaining size (width) within your landscape.

    Soil type: Moist acidic sandy loams pH 5.5-6.5
    Maintenance: Easy
    Hardiness Zone: 6-8

    Container grown. Pricing starts with 3-gallon size $29.95

    Available for pickup from the farm  3-gallon, 7-gallon, 15-gallon, 30-gallon and 45-gallon.

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