Deadline quickly approaching to place your order for Dunstan Chestnut Trees for USDA Plant Zone 7. 

Last day to place an order 10/31/2014 for Fall.

We have stopped shipping to USDA Plant Zones 5 and 6.


DUNSTAN CHESTNUT TREES will not be arriving to the Southern Wal-Mart Stores this Fall!

Wal-Mart has cancelled the shipment to the Southern stores. We are not shipping to any other retailer in the south this Fall.

We suggest you contact your local Wal-Mart store Garden Manager and let them know you want them in the stores this Fall and Spring!

Three ways you can still get Dunstan Chestnut Trees for this Fall.

1) Purchase 1 yr old 18-36" Dunstan Chestnut seedling trees (tree band size of container) shipped directly to you for this Fall. $24.95 each. Click on link below to order. Still shipping to zones 7, 8 & 9.

Dunstan Chestnut Tree order page

2) Purchase 2 yr old 3 gallon Dunstan Chestnut Trees from us shipped directly to you for this Fall.

Minimum order of (50) trees per pallet $27.95 per tree. Freight cost approximate $400.

To place an order for this sized tree

Call us at 1-855-386-7826

3) We shipped our 2 yr old 3 Gallon Dunstan Chestnut Trees to many retail locations already to some Northern States.

Just click on the links below to see if there is a store near you.
Contact the store garden manager for availability.