9/16/2014      Deadline approaching to place your Fall order for  Dunstan Chestnut trees to ship to USDA Plant zones 4,5 or 6. Order by September 28,2014. 

It is critical that your trees are planted early enough in the fall for their roots to become established before your ground freezes or first frost.

                     arriving to Northern states.

Approximate Schedule of arrival below

Co Op Stores:~arrival to stores September 10-12th.

Rural King Stores:~arrival to stores September 10 -12th.
Wal-mart Stores:~ arrival to stores September 11-13th.

Please review links below locations for Northern stores only.

CO-OP link

Rural King Link
Wal-mart Link

We are shipping our 2 yr old 3 gallon Dunstan Chestnut trees. Price is determined by retail location.

We will send out another email with approximate arrival dates, stores and locations for the Southern States and other retail locations within the next two weeks.


- Dunstan Chestnut Trees will be available this September in Walmarts all over the eastern U.S. and Coop Feed Stores in NY and PA.  Join our email list to receive the list of stores.

- We are now accepting orders to be shipped during our Fall Shipping season.