Dunstan Chestnut trees will be arriving in the following stores this Fall!
Rural King and Co-Op Feed Dealer Stores.

These will be the only states receiving a shipment of trees this Fall, unless you order from us directly.


Rural King Stores

Dunstan Chestnut trees will be arriving to select Rural King stores in the following states:IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, OH, PA, TN, WV

They are expected to receive a shipment of trees between
August 18th - August 23rd.
Open the link below for the Rural King locations.

Link for Rural King stores

Co-op Feed Dealer Stores

Dunstan Chestnut trees, Grafted Female American Persimmons & Wildlife Pear trees will be arriving to select Co-Op feed dealer stores in the following states: CT, MD, NY, PA

They are expected to receive a shipment of trees between August 22nd - August 25th.
Open the link below for the Co-Op Feed Dealer locations
Link for Co-Op Feed Dealer stores

You can order from us directly. We will be shipping our 1 year old seedling Dunstan Chestnut trees through UPS ground this Fall directly to you.
The trees shipped in the fall are leafed out, and shipped in small containers.
To order click here.

For Larger sized trees shipped to you directly. Contact us.

UPS Ground Shipping schedule for the fall
Plant Zones 6 in late September
Plant Zones 7-8 in October
Plant Zones 8-9 in November

We will not be shipping to any other stores other than what is listed above for this Fall season
*Age of trees by container size

3 gallons are 2yrs old. 7 gallons are 3yrs old.

*Note Grafted Female American persimmons are all self pollinating except for the variety, Morris Burton.
We recommend planting the Morris Burton Grafted Female persimmons (Deer Candy collection) with a Deer Magnet Persimmon tree. Plant 15-20' apart.

The variety tag is a small horizontal plastic tag with no picture located on the trunk of the tree with the variety name.

Link for Growing and planting information

This is a one time shipment for the Fall to these stores for the season. They will go FAST!

**The trees will still have leaves when you purchase them at the stores. If you do not have an enclosed trailer or pick up bed cover, please lay the trees down and cover with blanket, shade cloth, and/or tarp to prevent wind damage to your investment.