Southern States Walmart Locations and shipping information

We are shipping the following trees to each of the stores in the provide link below, not all of the stores will be receiving the same quantities or varieties.

(70) Dunstan Chestnut Trees 3 gallon (2yr old tree height 4-5') 

(10) Sawtooth Oaks 3 gallon (2yr old height 7-8')

 (9) Dunstan Chestnut Trees 7 gallon (3yr old tree height 5-6') 

(9) American or Oriental Persimmons Trees 7 gallon (3 yr old tree height 5-6')

The price of the trees will be determined by Walmart as they have purchased the trees from us.
Please contact the stores and ask to speak to the garden manager.

Click here for the Southern State Walmarts Stores

Our tentative shipping schedule for the Southern State stores will be shipped the week of April 6th (we are waiting for our trees to break their dormancy)

We will have the store information and shipping schedule for the Central States in April,


for the Northern States in May.


We ship our trees via UPS  during the Spring and Fall depending on location and the weather at the time.

Tentative Spring Shipping Schedule

Plant Zones 8-9 in January-February

Plant Zones 7-8 in February-March
Plant Zones 5-6 in late March-April

Tentative Fall Shipping Schedule

Plant Zones 5-6 in September
Plant Zones 7-8 in October
Plant Zones 8-9 in November